The S/S21 womenswear trends everyone’s already searching for

As spring approaches Lyst has been monitoring emerging trends that fashion lovers really want. They’ve been comparing global searches and sales of more than 27 million shoppers over the past three months.

Here’s what you’ve been looking at:

Relaxed Aesthetic

Bra tops and bralettes — Not a hard search to predict as crop tops and bralettes were a massive trend seen on the S/S21 runways. As a result, pageviews for bra tops and bralettes have increased by 114% since the beginning of the year. Most search terms include “sheer bralette”, “lace bralette” and “knitted bralette”.

Elevated sportswear — Comfortable silhouettes continue to remain popular as searches for biker shorts have increased 95% and sports bras are up 108% since the beginning of the year.

To elevate sportswear shoppers have been searching for blazers, with styles including “leather”, “oversized” and “velvet”.

Loose fit — The pandemic continues to affect the way we shop, as loose for clothing continues to be at the tip of everyone’s wish list. Global searches for baggy and relaxed-fitting denim have increased by 86% since the start of the year.

Relaxed and wide-leg trousers are in equally high demand having increased by 84%.

Flowy dresses — As in previous years, comfortable dresses are back in trend this S/S21. Searches for long, flowy dresses have increased by 149% since January.

New Summer Vibes

Summer metallics — Festival season is nearly upon us and maybe we’re wishing for better days as metallic shades are growing in popularity. Searches for keywords including “metallic”, “silver” and “disco” have increased by 43% since the beginning of the year.

Bold sleeves and shoulders — A trend we love here at Style-and-Wear (because we love to make a statement) puff and oversize sleeves continue to shoot to the top of shoppers wishlists, since the start of February.

Searches for “puff-sleeve” dresses are up 18% as well as searches for “big sleeve” and “oversize”. Meanwhile, padded shoulders and muscle tees are in high demand.

Midriff flossing — Set to be the hottest trend this summer, midriff flossing has seen search terms such as “ties” and “cut out” increasing 57%. Christopher Esber is among the most wanted brand, with pageviews up 29% month-on-month.

Big chunky chains — When it comes to jewellery, shovelers are looking at chunky chains with searches rising 42% month-on-month,

Crochet and net — As searches for mesh and sheer tops increase, crochet and net pieces are among the fastest growing trend. Searches for crochet dresses are up 21% since the start if the year, while “net” is the most popular search term alongside accessories.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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