Geometric Bags: The underrated accessory that is finally on trend

Who doesn’t like to make a statement? When it comes to fashion sometimes the bolder the better and this spring geometric bags are the “it” accessory everyone should embrace.

If you’re thinking bags with bold patterns, think again. These statement bags are all about the shape, ranging from origami-styles to triangle and circular purses. These fun and sculptural bags come in bold and vibrant colours as well as neutral mid-tones, to fit any personality and shoppers are loving them.

According to Lyst, searches for geometric bags have increased 274% over the last month, with search terms including “triangle”, “geometric”, “asymmetrical” and “sculptural”.

The most wanted items currently include the Bottega Veneta triangle bag, Staud’s geometric print bag and the Mlouye geometric tote bag.

While, geometric bags are nothing new, they have been a consistent underdog for a few years. But designers continue to include the artsy accessories into their collections and they’re finally getting they’re day in the sun.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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