Jigsaw puzzles to enjoy on a rainy day

It’s autumn, which means rainy days and cold nights. While some of us are holding onto summer, the rest are ready to embrace cosy jumpers and pumpkin spice lattes.

However, when the cold and wet weather comes, we tend to spend more time inside. If you find yourself with little to do this season and nothing to binge watch on Netflix, why not spend a rainy afternoon with puzzle? Here are a few we have our eye on.


Website description: “This Puzzle of Positivity is definitely needed during these difficult times. Packed full of pick-me-ups, along with a dash of sarcasm and a healthy portion of puns, this quirky puzzle has been illustrated by Katie Abey and provides bucket loads of happiness and motivation!

Price: £15

Where to buy: gibsonsgames.co.uk


Website description: “Celebrate diversity: all are welcome here jigsaw puzzle showcases human diversity and acts of kindness.”

Price: £12.50

Where to buy: georgeswhitstable.com


Website description: Beans might be full of fibre and good for you, but this puzzle of beans will seriously test your brain! A perfect puzzle for beans lovers or a funny gift for someone who despises them!”

Price: £14.99

Where to buy: alljigsawpuzzles.co.uk


Website description: Prepare to be inspired as you piece together this beautifully illustrated puzzle featuring over sixty phenomenal women. Expand your knowledge of each woman pictured with the name guide included.”

Price: £18

Where to buy: www.johnlewis.com


Website description: Something has caught the eye of the people, causing them to double-take. What could be happening to get this surprised reaction from everyone?”

Price: £12

Where to buy: www.theworks.co.uk

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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