Drag Race UK Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant

This week the final five raced against the clock in a quick-change challenge to present three looks in a Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant.

The queens were given the hint of getting “drop dead ugly,” and were presented with a three-look challenge in the Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant, where FUGLY stands for “Friend, U Gotta Love Yourself.”

As if the idea of presenting ugly fashion on the runway wasn’t daunting enough, the queens would be racing against the clock with only a moments notice as to what each category would be.

Their first category: Fugly Swimwear and 69 minutes on the clock to get ready before their runway presentation.

While getting ready the girls talked about their lives outside of Drag Race. Kitty spoke about how she’s never let online trolls ruins her confidence and has always chosen to love herself because that’s the way she was raised. Krystal confided in the group that being i drag empowers her and makes her feel sexy, and even expressed that she’s a virgin which surprised the queens.

On the runway, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Alan Carr and special guest judge Alesha Dixon. First down the runway was Vanity in a yellow padded swimsuit, yellow wig and back swim cap. Kitty followed in a mixed print swimsuit with fake teeth and a crimped wig. Scarlett played crazy cat-lady with a pink suit and friendly feline friends. Ella also wore a mixed print suit with fake teeth but paired it with a black wig and Krystal decided to go out her comfort-zone with creature from the black lagoon vibes.

The second category: Charity Shop Chic included the queens styling outfits from a charity shop set up backstage. Each queen was required to wear at least five items and given 60 minutes to get ready.

Backstage the queens were surprised by a special guest appearance by Charity Shop Sue, the Selina Mosinski character Krystal portrayed in the Snatch Game last week.

While most of the girls spent time choosing their fugly fashion, Krystal ran down the clock removing and changing her sea creature makeup to look more glam for the runway.

Kitty walked the runway first in a lime green and lavender ensemble. Krystal looked ready for a night on the town, in a little black dress — having spent so much time on her makeup the outfit looked more of an after thought. Ella went full Charity shop chic in a pastel green dress and yellow necklace while Vanity came out in an orange off the shoulder dress. Scarlett also chose a little black dress in a rather less is more approach that didn’t quite work.

For the final category: Fugly But Fashionable, Ru gave them 30 minutes to return to the Werk Room and switch into their most fashionable fugly look.

Ella walked first in purple and yellow plaid chaps and a matching side-shawl. Vanity came next in an oversized black puffer dress with all black accessories. Krystal put together a colorful jacket and wig with cartoon eyes and lips. Scarlett followed in a pink and leopard tracksuit with a silver puffer jacket. Kitty walked last wearing braces and a “Kitty Lady” caftan that tore away revealing a school girl top and skirt.

Overall the queens received positive critiques from the judges, noting that Kitty had fun with all three challenges and had a strong night. They liked the fact that Scarlett also seemed to have fun with the challenges this week after let’s say her recent negativity, Michelle enjoyed that Ella was beginning to show more personality and the judges appreciated Krystal pushing boundaries with her sea creature swimwear look.

Backstage the girls mutually agreed that the day was fun because of the pressure of the time limits but also quite tiring, Krystal was unusually quiet due to the fact that none of the girls chose her looks as their favourites on the runway and argued that they didn’t make any of their looks “fashionable.”

This week Kitty was over the moon to finally receive a RuPeter badge after being named the winner of the Fugly Beauty Pageant. Krystal and Ella were both safe which leaf Vanity and Scarlett in the bottom two and up for elimination. They were asked to lip sync to “Scandalous” by Mis-Teeq. Unlike last week, this lip sync left the judges gagged but it was unlikely Ru was going to grant another double-save and with a decision made, Scarlett was asked to sashay away.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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