WearMyWardrobeOut: Ethical wardrobe now offers UK’s first Repair and Alteration Subscription Service

There is a large cohort of GenZ’s that just want to buy second hand, but that can’t sew or don’t have the desire to do so. Frictionless alterations and repairs are of great importance.

WearMyWardrobeOut is a unique service offering highly curated on-demand garment, accessory and shoe rentals out of the company’s Bristol HQ and now offers a “Repair and Alteration subscription” which is the first of its kind in the UK!

In a world where a persons need to purchase clothes that will be worn once or twice and then discarded has been detrimental to the environment, not to mention their finances; Founder, Maria Loria, created the startup in order to offer sustainable, earth-friendly solutions to fashion lovers. The collections are meant to be consumed responsibly, via an affordable structure.

The power and influence that fast fashion brands have gained in the past 2 years is frightening.

It is simply not sustainable to continue enabling over consumption;

We have an obligation to nurture alternative ways of enjoying fashion

– Maria Loria, Wear My Wardrobe Out Founder

Traceability, transparency and circularity are central to Maria’s mission. A variety of fabrics can be upcycled and re-invented so they can be re-loved and re-worn over and over which is better than clothing ending up in yet another landfill polluting what’s left of our ecosystem.

Maria’s mission is one of re-educating consumers, improving their relationship to fashion and altering buying behaviours to reduce wastage.


REDUCED SPENDING, LESS DEBT: Affordably renting vintage and pre-loved stylish outfits instead of buying, results in extreme savings.

POSTIVE CONSUMPTION: Consumers actively contribute to the reduction of fashion wastage by recycling and upcycling end-of-life, pre-loved fast fashion and vintage pieces.

REPAIR TO PERFECTION: WMWO restores vintage and preloved items thanks to a dedicated alteration and repair service. There is also an alteration service for customers who already have an outfit but are looking for improved fit.

The company, WearMyWardrobeOut is a 2022 finalist in the South West England region in the Rising Star Award of Startup Awards National Series.

Candice Farrow

Fashion and lifestyle blogger from North East, England.

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